What Is 5G?

5G is the next (fifth) generation of telecommunications technology. If you’re under the impression that 5G will replace 3G and 4G, you’re wrong. 5G represents an extra layer of RF radiation in addition to 3G & 4G and will add significantly to the already dangerous levels of radiation that exist now.

Want to know what else Optus & Telstra aren’t putting in their ads, but will happen if 5G goes ahead…….

1) If you love trees, you’re not going to like this……….Millions of healthy trees are going to be destroyed because they block the millimeter sized radio waves used by 5G technology. Also, trees start dying on the side where they’re exposed to the radiation. Visible proof of harm the telcos want gone. Destruction of healthy trees is already happening in the UK and furious residents are being ignored by local councils.

2) If you hate the sight of ugly antennas…………you’re not going to like this either. Because radio waves in this frequency range cannot travel far, small cell antennas are going to be everywhere, every 100 – 300 metres apart. There will be an antenna on almost every free standing structure already in existence. Street signs, street lights, almost everything!

3) Another thing not mentioned in the ads is that this technology was originally developed as a weapon. It’s known as the “Active Denial System”. At a frequency of 95 GHz, this will make your skin feel like it’s on fire. The 5G frequencies range from 5GHz up to 300 GHz. They want to put the “Hurts” into Gigahertz.

4) Value your privacy? We all do, but if the “smart cities” agenda plays out, you can kiss that goodbye. The social credit system currently in force in China ensures that those citizens who don’t toe the line will not be able to get jobs, use public transport, travel interstate or overseas. 5G coupled with facial recognition technolgy makes real time tracking & surveilance of citizens a reality. Darwin is already being trialled as Australia’s first smart city. Coupled with the 5G enablede version of the Active Denial System it’s not looking good.

5) High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) In Hawaii, testing is being done for these monster drones. These drones are planned to fly in the stratosphere high above the clouds. Being solar powered they will stay up for months, flying in a 200km circle & beaming down 4G and 5G radiation equivalent to 1800 phone towers on the ground. They’re as long as a football field and weigh in at 1.5 tons. Not great if that came crashing down. Not to mention the deadly radiation 24/7/365.

6) As if all that wasn’t bad enough, Elon Musk, Amazon & other companies are planning on sending up a network of satellites to completely envelop the Earth with 5G radiation, There will be no escape anywhere. A total of 20,000 are planned, all beaming down 5G radiation at a maximum power level of 5 million watts each.

Australia has the highest CANCER rate in the entire WORLD, per capita.

Australia also has the highest RADIATION EXPOSURE levels approved by our Government.


If not, I’m sure you would not be happy that your government is allowing this level of radiation, then contact your local member of parliament, contact your local council. 


If the full 5G comes into existence it will be SO MUCH worse for all of us, especially our children.

Every shopping centre you go into, every medical centre, every hospital, you will be getting a damaging dose of radiation.

We know not to stand in front of a microwave oven, we know we need protection from X-Rays, yet everywhere in your environment you are being exposed, without your knowledge and without your permission. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

RF Radiation Exposure Levels By Country